About Texans for Accountable Government

Texans for Accountable Government (TAG) is a trans-partisan Political Action Committee headquartered in Central Texas. TAG was formed with the ambition of reigning in the intrusive and expanding reach of government which threatens to invade every facet of our lives. Our ambition is to put the reins of government back into the hands of individual American citizens; allowing us to once again run our own lives.

TAG focuses on issues at the local, county, and state level. We believe in the principle of subsidiary; that power should be vested in the nearest locality. Our local representatives are much more accountable to us than are those over a thousand miles away in the District of Columbia.

We are dedicated to safe guarding individual liberty, protecting personal privacy and property rights, election integrity, safe water, and electing representatives, not bureaucrats, to office!

Executive Director

texans for accountable government

Justin Arman

Justin Arman became Executive Director of TAG in 2014. His passions are education and entrepreneurship; he cofounded Parents For Liberty, and has taken a family business to national distribution. His mission is to help TAG organize and mobilize its membership to effectively influence elections and change Texas policy.

Steering Committee

Seven steering committee members are elected once per year by our membership.


Nathan Kleffman

Nathan is an IT professional and a student of Austrian economics. He resides in Austin, Texas and blogs at nathankleffman.com.