Article I. PURPOSE

Section 1.01 Purpose
(a) The purpose of TAG is to encourage, promote, and secure the freedom of the individuals living within the State of Texas, by:
(i) Engaging in political action;
(ii) Promoting community involvement and activity;
(iii) Lobbying government entities;
(iv) Organizing educational forums; and
(v) Coordinate with other like-minded groups.


Section 2.01 Categories
(a) A Member is any individual who has donated $20 or more at any time, requested membership, and provided all required data to comply with reporting requirements.
(b) A New Member is a Member whose first donation is within the last 90 days.
(c) An Active Member is an individual who has donated $20 or more in the prior 365 days and is not a New Member.

Section 2.02 Rights
(a) Active Members may vote on all motions at any Meeting.
(b) Active Members may submit Meeting agenda items.


Section 3.01 Roles
(a) The SC is the Board of Directors of TAG, with authority to manage all activities.
(b) The SC will act in the best interests of TAG.
(c) The SC will prepare and monitor an annual budget.
(d) The SC will consider and approve all projects.
(e) The SC will maintain and publish an internal policy and standards document.

Section 3.02 Membership
(a) The SC will consist of:
(i) The Secretary
(ii) The Treasurer
(iii) Five (5) Directors
(iv) The Executive Director (ED) (non-voting).
(b) The SC is elected at Annual Meetings and serve from the adjournment of the Annual Meeting until the adjournment of the next Annual Meeting.
(c) There are no term limits.

Section 3.03 Meetings and Voting
(a) SC Meetings may be called by the ED or two or more SC members.
(b) SC Meetings may be conducted in person, via conference call, or by email.
(c) Quorum for in person or conference-call meetings is five.
(d) Motions require four affirmative votes to pass, except as specified otherwise in these Bylaws.
(e) Voting by email starts when the Secretary posts the motion and ends once the outcome is determined.

Section 3.04 Delegation
(a) The Secretary, Treasurer, and ED may delegate their duties, but not their responsibilities.

Section 3.05 Replacement
(a) The SC Committee will elect a temporary replacement for any vacancy on the SC.
(b) Replacements are temporary until approved by a vote of the Active Members at the next Monthly Meeting.

Section 3.06 Removal
(a) An SC member may be removed by five SC members, or 2/3 of the Active Members at any Monthly Meeting.


Section 4.01 Date, Time and Location
(a) The SC will decide the site, date, and time for Membership Meetings.

Section 4.02 Notice Method
(a) Notice of Membership Meetings will be given by way of email, the TAG website, and social media.

Section 4.03 Annual Meetings
(a) Annual Meetings will be held every year in the month of August.
(b) An Anniversary Party will be held concurrently with each Annual Meeting.
(c) Notice will be given 30 days or more in advance of the Meeting.
(d) Quorum for an Annual Meeting is 20% of the Active Members.

Section 4.04 Monthly Meetings
(a) Monthly Meetings will be held every month other than August.
(b) Notice will be given 14 days or more in advance of the Meeting.
(c) Quorum for a Monthly Meeting is 10% of the Active Members.


Section 5.01 Responsibilities
(a) Provide notification of upcoming meetings.
(b) Conduct and record all SC email ballots.
(c) Determine the voting roll and quorum at all Meetings.
(d) Record the minutes of all Meetings
(e) Submit all minutes to the SC for review and approval.
(f) Maintain a permanent record of all Minutes.
(g) Maintain a permanent record of all other non-financial records.


Section 6.01 Responsibilities
(a) Maintain the financial records of TAG, consistent with all legal requirements, and GAAP (generally accepted accounting practices).
(b) Provide financial reports to the SC on a regular basis.
(c) Prepare and file all legally required reports in a timely manner.
(d) Maintain the membership roll.
(e) Ensure that all revenues and expenses are consistent with legal requirements and the direction of the SC.


Section 7.01 Responsibilities
(a) The ED is responsible for executing the directives of the SC.
(b) The ED is the primary spokesperson for TAG.
(c) The ED will serve as Chair at all meetings


Section 8.01 Amendments
(a) These Bylaws may be amended at any meeting by a 2/3 majority of the Quorum.
(b) Proposed Bylaws Amendments must be submitted in writing to the Secretary at least 21 days before any meeting.
(c) The SC has the authority to reject proposed amendments that would be illegal, unclear, ambiguous, or dilatory.
(d) Accepted Proposals must be distributed to the membership 14 days or more prior to the meeting where they will be considered.

Section 8.02 Publication
(a) A copy of the TAG Bylaws will be posted on the TAG Website.


Section 9.01 Dissolution
(a) TAG may be dissolved by a 4/5 vote of the Active Membership.
(b) A Dissolution Motion must be made to the Secretary via email by 5% or more of the Active Members.
(c) The Dissolution Motion will be placed on the agenda for the next meeting that is 21 days or more in the future.
(d) The Dissolution Motion must specify the organization(s) that will receive any remaining funds beyond the costs of dissolution.
(e) The Secretary must distribute the Dissolution Motion to the Membership 14 days or more before the meeting at which the Motion will be considered.
(f) Dissolution requires a 4/5 vote of all Active Members.