CALL TO ACTION! Mental Health Veto Editorial

Mental Health Veto Editorial
Texas Legislature Parties Like It’s 1938
Inadvertently Passes Modern Nuremberg Laws

VETO SB 460 and HB 3793!!!

In the final days of the 83rd Texas Legislature, mental health advocates used a last minute amendment process to amend SB 460 and HB 3793 with a set of mental health requirements that will potentially circumvent parental rights, drastically increase labeling and drugging of children, and lead to new gun control measures in Texas.

In a nutshell, the 1938 Nuremberg laws of Nazi Germany redefined a specific group of people, then outlined the legal way to systematically take their rights away. Most legislators don’t realize what they have done and their ignorance of history and arrogance has led them to pass prolific mental health legislation that will be used to take certain rights away from EVERY citizen!

Under Nuremberg laws, Jews were officially defined and identified. Much like people today being labeled with mental disorders (defined and identified through “early mental health intervention and prevention” schemes), Jews could be legally segregated socially, politically, and economically from other German citizens and then subjected to a separate set of laws that only applied to them. Mental health advocates have been working overtime to create a separate set of laws that apply to citizens deemed “mentally ill.” The Nuremberg laws eventually led to Jews being subjected to further humiliation and “easy detection” by forcing them to sew a yellow star onto their clothing as well as the “J” mark on their documentation papers.

Mental Health labeling could be the next “yellow star” applied to any citizen if they are labeled “mentally ill,” regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status. Unlike the yellow star during the Holocaust, this yellow star knows no boundaries. With modern technology, the government no longer needs people to sew stars on their clothing – mental health registries and electronic medical “passports” as they are sometimes called – will suffice. In the future, laws could be passed to denote which disorder a person is labeled with on their driver’s license, for instance. A police officer or mental health deputy (yes these already exist) could easily see what “yellow star” a person has by looking at their license or passport – “D” for depression, “S” for schizophrenia, “B” for bipolar “P” for post-traumatic stress disorder and so on – so that the officer can quickly assess the “risk of harm” a person might pose to themselves or others and then apply the separate mental health law to them.

In the wake of several school shootings, there is already national talk of mental health registries in order to limit the supposedly mentally ill from purchasing guns. Mental health commitment procedures already exist and are being expanded. With the passing of this new set of mental health laws in Texas, the door to mental health screening, citizen tracking, and constitutional abuses was thrown wide open – all under the guise of protecting and helping the innocent.

Specifically, SB 460 requires mental health training for ALL teachers and school personnel and expands the power of local school health advisory boards (SHACs) to include mental health curriculum in regular health classes without permission from parents. The boards will also recommend mental health policies, procedures, and strategies to school districts. Besides being an unfunded mandate to schools and parents being left out of the process while their children are indoctrinated with mental health information provided and funded by pharmaceutical companies, there is also a provision in SB 460 that allows a huge conflict of interest to be added to the boards.

Local mental health providers and substance abuse treatment providers who have a financial interest in getting kids into their treatment programs will be added to the school health advisory boards. This conflict of interest allows drug companies who fund the local treatment providers to have a direct line to children in public schools! And by teaching children the “signs and symptoms” of mental health problems in their health classes, children will be taught to “self-identify” their own mental health problems – circumventing the important parental consent to screening step that exists to protect children from harm and keeps parents in control.

HB 3793 was heavily amended to include mental health legislation that was not passed out of the public health committee and allow teachers to complete a program called “mental health first aid” as part of their continuing education. This program is being touted nationally as part of President Obama’s gun control measures in the wake of the Connecticut incident. In January, Connecticut introduced its own mental health screening measure for all children, SB 374, that would require ALL school children, including home schooled children, to receive comprehensive behavioral health assessments – public school children at grades 6, 8, 10, and 12 and each home-schooled child at ages 12, 14, and 17. If this law passes, verification forms would be sent to the State Board of Education to verify that each child received the assessment! Let the tracking begin . . .

One of the goals of Texas SB 3793 is to “maximize the number of children who have direct contact with an individual who has successfully completed a mental health first aid training program” and the local mental health authority is required to keep track of the number of employees and contractors of the authority, educators, and non-educators trained in the program. Mental health first aid goes beyond the walls of intervening with people a person knows. It actually trains people to be the mental health “stasi” and intervene with total strangers concerning their mental health! An example was given in public testimony about a woman questioning the mental health of a complete stranger because she she appeared distressed and was surrounded by books about depression – thus the need in the bill to dismiss any liability for a person “who in good faith attempts to assist an individual experiencing a mental health crisis.”

Both Texas bills are filled with overbearing, overstepping, and overprotecting mental health stipulations that will change the face of the Texas mental health forever and lead to more labeling, drugging, and profits for drug companies.

Here is a sample of the kinds of limitations and separate laws people labeled “mentally ill” are currently facing:

• Forced drugging
• Forced psychiatric hospitalization
• Forced inpatient or outpatient medication monitoring and compliance
• Child Protective Services involvement if a parent disagrees with diagnosis or treatment of their child (medical neglect)
• Termination of their own parental rights when they grow up due to their own “long-term” mental illness
• Deemed in need of special education by schools
• Barred from military service

Labeled ADULTS:
• Gun control
• Mental health registries
• Forced commitment laws
• Forced outpatient medication compliance and monitoring
• Forced inpatient hospital commitment and drugging
• Termination of parental rights due to “long-term” mental illness
• Child Protective Services involvement if a parent disagrees with diagnosis or treatment of their child (medical neglect)

Ironically, the NRA is leading the charge against mentally labeled people in a very “We aren’t Jews” kind of way and pushing for more mental health laws and restrictions in an effort to avert gun control. But their misguided effort will lead to MORE people prohibited from owning guns, not less! Stick up for the currently labeled people before it’s too late and you or your children recieve the label too!

Citizens have the power NOW to stop this dangerous and expansive mental health legislation that has gotten out of hand and will effect ALL people in some way in the future, whether or not they are labeled yet. Don’t let the government force a yellow star on you, your children, your friends, your family members, or strangers . . .

Call Governor Perry’s office and DEMAND a veto of SB 460 and HB 3793. CALL his Opinion Line 512-463-1782 and tell him what you think of their yellow star!

Support Smart Meter Opt-Out in the Texas Senate

From Dr. Laura Pressley:

Grassroots help needed in sending emails to all the Texas State Senators to support a bill to be heard on the Floor this week. SB241 will provide every Texan with the right to Opt Out and not have an automated electric meter (which emits high RF and Microwave radiation) on their home.

Please consider doing a copy and paste of all the State Senators emails (below) and request them to support SB241. See sample note below….

Please include your address, too. Thanks for considering sending emails! 🙂


Dear Senator,

Please support Texas Senator Carona’s Smart Meter Opt Out Bill, SB241.

There are serious health concerns with regard to the use of advanced, automated, radiative electric meters vs the standard analog non-radiative meters. See The advanced meters emit high frequency RF and Microwave radiation and many children and adults who are medically sensitive experience headaches, sleeplessness, and electrical skin sensations when exposed in their homes.

Please allow Texans the choice and right to NOT be irradiated in their own homes and do not charge extra punitive fees for opting out. Additional fees would put an unfair burden on those of low income and would potentially prevent them out of opting out.

We need a bill for Texans to Opt Out of Smart Meters. Please support SB241.


Senator Emails:

Comments from Senator Carona, author of the bill:

To all:
On Thursday, May 2, the Senate Committee on Business and Commerce reconsidered the vote on SB 241. SB 241 allows consumers to opt-out of installation of advanced meters, or “smart meters,” by electric utilities. SB 241 passed the Committee with a vote of 5-2, and it will soon be eligible for consideration by the full Senate. I appreciate the grassroots effort supporting passage of this bill out of committee and want to thank all of you who spent your personal time working toward that goal. Advancing the bill further will be an uphill battle, but I look forward to continuing to move SB 241 through the legislative process.

State Senator John Carona


Since its inception in 2005, the federal Real ID Act has been unpopular in Texas and throughout the country for its privacy rights violations and overreaching assumed federal authority over the states to create a national ID.   Texas House Bill 3199 aims to bring Texas closer to compliance with the REAL ID Act, something none of us want to see happen.

HB3199 directs Texas DPS to collect personal information and biometric data of certain groups of Texans’ at the time of drivers license application, and to maintain this data in an electronic database.  The bill also directs Texas DPS to embed an “integrated circuit chip” (RFID chip) in these individuals’ drivers licenses and/or personal identification cards.  This RFID chip would be machine readable, allowing a person with an RFID reader and decryption savviness to gain access to this information.

While HB3199 mandates that these “secure drivers licenses” be applicable only to “applicants for the provision of state and federal government program benefits” and “first responders and other emergency personnel,” this bill is really one big incremental step to ultimately require that ALL Texas driver’s licenses contain an RFID chip, and that all Texans submit personal biometric data — all in order to obtain a simple drivers license.

HB3199 is a blatant violation of Texans’ privacy rights.  If passed, the state DPS would collect and store more of Texans’ private information than ever before in an electronic database, all of which would be accessible to DPS agents, and inevitably hackers and resourceful criminals.  Also, as per the federal REAL ID Act that HB3199 is taking its cues from, these state databases would be shared nationally between all the states’ DPS agencies, as well as internationally between foreign governments (in a stated effort to thwart terrorism through shared intelligence).

In addition, HB3199 directs Texas DPS to “set a fee for issuance of a secure drivers license in a reasonable amount necessary” to cover the costs of the RFID chip inclusion and maintenance of the electronic database.  This fee increase will place an additional cost to Texans in an already brutal economy, which is unacceptable.

Take action NOW!

The bill is scheduled to be heard on May 2, 2013, before the Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee.

When:  This Thursday, May 2, 2013
Time:  8:00am
Where:  Room E2.010

(Maps Here)
FREE Parking for 2 Hours

Please show up for the hearing on Thursday!  Come to show your support.  You may sign up to speak, or simply register your opposition to the bill.

Can’t make it to the Capitol?  Call each committee member!  Let him/her know that you were not able to attend the hearing, but that you are strongly against HB1399 because it is a violation of your privacy rights.

CALL the Committee…  9 members … 9 minutes

Rep. Joseph Pickett, Chair — (512) 463-0596
Rep. Allen Fletcher, Vice Chair — (512) 463-0661
Rep. Philip Cortez — (512) 463-0269
Rep. Tony Dale — (512) 463-0696
Rep. Dan Flynn — (512) 463-0880
Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt — (512) 463-0682
Rep. George Lavender — (512) 463-0692
Rep. Kenneth Sheets — (512) 463-0244

Rep. Joe Simmons — (512) 463-0478

Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment in your own Home?

Say No to HB2212!

HB2212 calls for Outpatient Psychiatric Commitments, Court-ordered Psychiatric Drugging, and Forced Emergency Drugging

What is House Bill 2212?

This is an outpatient commitment bill.  In other words, you could be committed to involuntary psychiatric treatment in your own home, or in a group home or other living arrangement.  Currently, involuntary commitment is reserved for people who are a danger to themselves or others to such an extent that they cannot remain at liberty.

  •  By definition, HB2212 would take people who do not meet the criteria for inpatient commitment and order them into treatment.  This is an assault on liberty.
  •  HB2212 calls for case managers to be part of the treatment team.  Does this means unwelcome visitors to one’s home?
  •  HB2212 allows court-ordered outpatient drugging.  What if you don’t want the drugs?
  •  HB2212 allows for forced emergency drugging on an outpatient basis.

While involuntary outpatient commitment intrudes on your privacy and your liberty, here’s what it doesn’t do:

  •   No reduction in violence.[1]
  •   No reduction in hospitalizations.[2]
  •  Promote compliance or good outcomes.[3]


This bill will be heard by the House Public Health Committee on Wednesday, March 27, 2013.  Meeting starts at 8:00 am in room E2.012.  Show up! Speak out! Register in Opposition to this bill!

In the mean time, call the members of the House Public Health Committee.  Let them know you oppose this bill.  Their names and contact information can be found below.

Let’s get busy!  Let’s stand up for human rights!

Names and Phone Numbers

House Public Health Committee Members


Lois Kolkhorst, Chair            512-463-0600


Elliot Naisthat, Vice-chair      512-463-0668                He’s the author of the bill.


Garnet Coleman                     512-463-0524


Nicole Collier                          512-463-0716


Philip Cortez                           512-463-0269


Sarah Davis                            512-463-0389


R.D. Bobby Guerra               512-463-0578


Susan King                                      512-463-0718


Jodie Laubenberg                  512-463-0186


Bill Zedler                               512-463-0374

[1]    New York Study at Belleview Hospital,

[1]    Ibid

[1]    Rand, Does Involuntary Outpatient Treatment Work?


ACTION ALERT: Protect Texas Students from RFID Tracking Devices

Representative Kolkhorst (Brenham) has introduced House Bill 101, which was heard by the Public Education Committee on March 19th. Watch public testimony offered on the bill here, starting at 2:45:30.

HB 101 will protect students from the mandatory use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in Texas schools, allowing for local and parental control.

… school district may not require a student to use an

identification device that uses radio frequency identification

technology or similar technology to identify the student, transmit

information regarding the student, or track the location of the


… school district may allow the voluntary use of a

student identification device described by Subsection (b) only if

authorized by resolution adopted by the board of trustees of the

district. A district that allows the voluntary use of a student

identification device described by Subsection (b) shall provide an

alternative method of identification for a student on the timely

written request of a student ’s parent or guardian.

… school district may not penalize a student using an alternative method of identification under Subsection (c),

including restricting or prohibiting the student from participating in school or district activities.

Here is a link to House Bill 101:

Take a stand for the children of Texas! Coalition partners range from Eagle Forum on the “right” and the Texas ACLU on the “left.” We all agree, children should not be tracked like animals!

Contact committee members immediately to encourage their support of HB 101.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2910 Austin, TX 78768

Rep. Aycock, as Chairman, is the gatekeeper. Contact him first!

Representative Jimmie Aycock, Chairman
E2.708, Capitol Ext.
(254) 690-1752 AND (512) 463-0684

Rep. Alma Allen, Vice Chairman
E1.506, Capitol Ext.
(713) 776-0505 AND (512) 463-0744

Rep. John Davis
CAP 1N.10, Capitol
(281) 333-1350 AND (512) 463-0734

Rep. Joe Deshotel
GN.08, Capitol
(409) 724-0788 AND (512) 463-0662

Rep. Harold Dutton
CAP 3N.5, Capitol
(713) 692-9192 AND (512) 463-0510

Rep. Marsh Farney
E1.310, Capitol Ext.
(512) 463-0309

Rep. Dan Huberty
E2.722, Capitol Ext.
(281) 360-9410 AND (512) 463-0520

Rep. Ken King
E2.402, Capitol Ext.
(806)323-8870 AND (512) 463-0736

Rep. Bennet Ratliff
E2.404, Capitol Ext.
(512) 463-0468

Rep. Justin Rodriguez
E2.804, Capitol Ext.
(512) 463-0669

Rep. Mike Vallarreal
CAP 4S.6, Capitol
(210) 734-8937 AND (512) 463-0532


Sample letter:

Representative ____________,

Thank you for your service on the Public Education Committee!

I write today to encourage your support of House Bill 101. Authored by Representative Kolkhorst, this bill is relating to the use of RFID technology in Texas Schools.

This bill is important to me because….

Please support HB 101!



Your Name

Contact Information


Please take time to personalize your message. AGAIN, a hand written note to each committee member (in addition to a phone call and email) is a GREAT way to communicate your support of HB 101.

Thank you for TAKING ACTION!

Repeal Taxes on Precious Metal Purchases!

Rep. David Simpson’s bill (HB 78) to REPEAL all taxes on the purchase of gold/silver (and other precious metals) will be heard by the Ways & Means Committee Monday, March 11th.Hearing Notice:


1) Plan to show up at the Texas Capitol at 2pm* on Monday afternoon!

2) Contact all Ways & Means Committee members to encourage their support! (contact info below)

3) SPREAD THE WORD! Please share this event with anyone you think might be interested!

Rep. Harvey Hilderbran (Kerrville)
(512) 463-0536
(830) 257-2333

Rep. John Otto (Dayton)
EXT E2.706
(512) 463-0570
(936) 258-8135

Rep. Dwayne Bohac (Houston)
(512) 463-0727
(713) 460-2800

Rep. Angie Button (Richardson)
EXT E2.910
(512) 463-0486
(972) 234-8980

Rep. Craig Eiland (Texas City)
(512) 463-0502
(800) 345-2630

Rep. Naomi Gonzalez (El Paso)
EXT E2.814
(512) 463-0622

Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer (San Antonio)
CAP 4S.4
(512) 463-0616
(210) 737-7200

Rep. Allan Ritter (Nederland)
CAP 1W.3
(512) 463-0706
(409) 729-3228

Rep. Mark Strama (Austin)
EXT E1.320
(512) 463-0821
(512) 463-0821

*This hearing is scheduled for “2pm or upon adjournment.” This means that the hearing will happen as soon as the House floor adjourns. This can happen at anytime. It could be earlier than 2pm, but it could also start much later than 2pm.

While you wait, you can visit the committee members’ offices to express your support. Room numbers are listed above.

Maps can be found here:

FREE Parking (2 hours, $2/hr after that):

TAG Legislative Working Group – Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Texas Electronic Privacy Coalition: Kathy Mitchell and Greg Foster of Electronic Frontier Foundation of Austin and legal expert Scott Hansen from Texas criminal justice blog Grits for Breakfast presented their new coalition to protect electronic private property rights.  They’re currently looking for a sponsor for their bill requiring police officers to obtain a warrant before requiring a service provider (like a cell phone carrier) to provide communication data.  Currently law enforcement simply pays a fee to access any data which your phone tracks about you:  your location, your contacts, e-mail, etc.  Want to learn more?  Join them this Friday night at the Tiniest Bar in Texas, starting at 7 p.m.


Recently a San Antonio farmer was forced to dump 700 gallons of raw milk for delivering it to a drop-off point.  There are several co-authors and sponsors to a bill that would allow farmers to sell raw milk at farmers markets and drop off points.

 HB 46: allows already licensed farmers to sell raw milk at farmers markets or through delivery arrangement.

Current status:  referred to Public Health Committee

Take Action: Contact the representatives below, who are sitting on the Public Health committee. They will decide whether the bill gets scheduled to go to the House.

Garnet Coleman: 512-463-0524

Nicole Collier: 512-463-0716

Phillip Cortez: 512-463-0269

Sarah Davis: 512-463-0389

Bobby Guerra: 512-463-0578

Susan King: 512-463-0718

Lois Kolkhorst: 512-463-0600

Elliot Naishtat; 512-463-0668

J.D. Sheffield: 512-463-0628

Bill Zedler: 512-463-0374

Then, contact your state representative (who’s my rep?) and let them know where you stand. “Hi, my name is _______ and I am a constituent. I am calling to urge Representative _______ to co-author HB 46, to legalize the sale of raw milk at farmers markets and other direct-to-consumer options. Do you know where he/she stands on this bill?”

If the staffer says they don’t know the Representative’s position (which is a common response), you can say: “I would very much appreciate it if you could call me back after talking with the Representative. This issue is very important to me and my family.”

Finally, contact your state senator (who’s my state senator?) and ask him or her to support HB 46 when it comes to the Senate.


Lee Spiller of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) alerted us to a few bills to watch out for:

HB 245 (see bill text): any ER doctor or EMS worker can detain a patient for mental illness until a police office arrives

Current status:  referred to Public Health Committee

HB 1109: any police officer answering an emergency call shall determine if anyone at the scene is mentally ill, and has the option of writing a citation instead of taking the person into custody

Current status:  referred to Homeland Security Committee

HB 473:  Doctors prescribing anti-psychotic drugs to children under the age of 5 require state approval

Current status:  referred to Human Services Committee and heard Tuesday, February 19

HB 1058: creates complaint system for medication and medical care of children in foster care

Current status:  referred to Human Services Committee and heard Tuesday, February 19

Join us on Wednesday, February 27th at 7 p.m. for our next Legislative Working Group meeting at the Capitol, in the Legislative Reference Library, 2nd floor.

Legislative Working Group Meeting- Wednesday, February 13th

Texans for Accountable Government will meet every other Wednesday throughout the 2013 Legislative Session to:

  1. Learn how the process works and how to TAKE ACTION
  2. Read over bills of interest
  3. Become familiar with Texas Legislature Online, a fantastic tool for tracking legislation
  4. Help to articulate arguments for/against specific legislation, creating fact sheets
  5. Work to build strong coalitions around single issues, outreach to partners
  6. Organize direct action at the Capitol, create calls to action

Everyone is welcome! Whether you are an experienced legislative activist, or getting involved for the first time…please Join Us!!

TAG’s Legislative Working Group
Wednesday, February 13th
Texas Capitol Legislative Library

The Legislative Library is on the second floor, directly outside the elevator doors…you can’t miss it. There is only one set of elevators and they are at the North entrance, ask any State Trooper for help.

Parking is FREE for two hours, then only $2/hour:
FREE Parking on the street (thanks to the hard work of AAMPED!).

Please bring your laptop, if available. Some computers are available for use in the Library.

Help us Spread the Word…Invite your Friends!

Representative Simpson for Speaker of the Texas House!

Representative David Simpson Runs for Speaker of the House

It’s About Time Texas had a True Leader

From the Statesman:

“I respect Speaker Straus as a fellow legislator; however, we differ on the way that the House should be led. And I am not alone in that opinion,” Simpson said in a statement. “The culture of ‘go along to get along’ politics, where members face intimidation and retribution should they disagree with a leadership decision, stifles representative government.

“Moreover, the rules have been considered advisory rather than mandatory and applied disparately. I believe, however, the rules should be enforced without regard to party, personality, or seniority.”

Here is a link to the Texas Tribune, including Simpson’s open letter about his decision to run.

There are a couple ways you can SUPPORT SIMPSON FOR SPEAKER:

1) Add your name to the list of hundreds of Texas grassroots activists saying, “We’re with Simpson!”

2) Call your Representative and encourage him/her to support David Simpson for Speaker of the Texas House in 2013.  

 Here’s Rep. Simpson’s incredible speech from the last day of the 2011 Session: