Spy Drones in Austin? It’ll Never Happen Here, They Say

On May 16th, 2012 Fox News Austin announced that the Austin Police Department would be expanding its police state tactics towards total surveillance through the launch of unmanned aerial drones above our city.

Fox New Report:

When the Patriot Act was passed shortly after 9/11 many concerned activists warned that the legislation would soon be turned against the American people. A common response amongst the skeptics of this argument, was that “I’m not doing anything wrong, so I don’t have anything to worry about.” Well, tell that to the lady that was arrested and detained for 3 days for taking pictures at an airport recently. The examples of Patriot Act abuse, and encroachment upon the American people seems to be growing by the day as the Department of Homeland Security is expanding the TSA to grope citizens at bus-stops, railways, and at some point our highways too. The gradual expansion of the you’re guilty until proven innocent totalitarian ideology must be stopped now, for if it isn’t you’ll eventually realize that you waited too long to have any effect to stop it at all. The drones may be unarmed now, but they could never get away with announcing armed drones when people haven’t been conditioned into accepting drones being “normal” first, just like getting groped by the TSA at airports was necessary to set the stage for the expansion of the TSA/DHS onto highways, bus-stops, railways, and sporting events.

Take Action Now

We propose calling the mayor and each city council member en masse on Monday May 21st, Tuesday May 22nd, and Wednesday the 23rd.
Voice your outrage that the Mayor and City Council is allowing the city to be turned into a police state, and demand that they take steps to stop it. Tell everyone you know to call!

Office of Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell
Phone: 512-974-2250

Mayor Pro-Tem Sheryl Cole
Phone: 512-974-2266

City Council Member Chris Riley
Phone: 512-974-2260

City Council Member Mike Martinez
Phone: 512-974-2264

City Council Member Kathy Tovo
Phone: 512-974-2255

City Council Member Laura Morrison
Phone: 512-974-2258

City Council Member Bill Spellman
Phone: 512-974-2256