Linda Curtis is running in the special election for House District 17th. This is a big opportunity to get another liberty candidate in office.

Heather Fazio will be leading this phone bank from noon to 9pm. This will be happening about 15 minutes north of downtown Austin.

Please fill out the form below and we’ll send you the location and other materials that you’ll need. We must accept your application as positions are limited.

Pay is $10/hr. We’ll issue a check within 7 days of the completion of your shift.

Scroll below the form to learn more about Linda Curtis and why TAG is endorsing her.

About Linda Curtis

Longtime Independent Voice Files for HD 17

This special election was called right in the middle of the holiday because they think we aren’t paying attention. Well, not only are we paying attention, but we have a GREAT candidate in the race, Linda Curtis!

Linda led the charge for 10-1 in Austin and has relentlessly fought corporatism in Travis County. She is fired up about property rights and is ready to take her leadership to the Texas House. Let’s get her elected!

Early voting start MONDAY. That’s right, THIS MONDAY! Election Day is January 6th.

The best way to win this election is to personally let folks know that..

1) There is an election happening NOW!
2) Linda Curtis is running for HD 17!
3) Early voting starts Monday. Go vote!

We’ll have the phone numbers and a script ready for you and will be being lunch and dinner for all volunteers. Please bring your charged cell phone!

More info about Linda:

(Bastrop) Linda Curtis, a longtime community activist and staunch, independent political voice filed to run for the Texas House of Representatives, District 17 recently vacated by Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt. House District 17 includes Lee, Bastrop, Caldwell, Gonzales and Karnes Counties.

Linda has cut her political teeth on the grassroots level and has stayed true to her roots for 30 years.

Linda helped found Independent Texans, a political action committee for independent and non-aligned voters. Independent Texans has endorsed candidates running on all party lines, but has been urging – for years – that candidates run as unaffiliated independents in order to reach out to voters of all persuasions. Lately, Linda has been leading the charge against central Texas water grabs and property rights.