Support Smart Meter Opt-Out in the Texas Senate

From Dr. Laura Pressley:

Grassroots help needed in sending emails to all the Texas State Senators to support a bill to be heard on the Floor this week. SB241 will provide every Texan with the right to Opt Out and not have an automated electric meter (which emits high RF and Microwave radiation) on their home.

Please consider doing a copy and paste of all the State Senators emails (below) and request them to support SB241. See sample note below….

Please include your address, too. Thanks for considering sending emails! 🙂


Dear Senator,

Please support Texas Senator Carona’s Smart Meter Opt Out Bill, SB241.

There are serious health concerns with regard to the use of advanced, automated, radiative electric meters vs the standard analog non-radiative meters. See The advanced meters emit high frequency RF and Microwave radiation and many children and adults who are medically sensitive experience headaches, sleeplessness, and electrical skin sensations when exposed in their homes.

Please allow Texans the choice and right to NOT be irradiated in their own homes and do not charge extra punitive fees for opting out. Additional fees would put an unfair burden on those of low income and would potentially prevent them out of opting out.

We need a bill for Texans to Opt Out of Smart Meters. Please support SB241.


Senator Emails:

Comments from Senator Carona, author of the bill:

To all:
On Thursday, May 2, the Senate Committee on Business and Commerce reconsidered the vote on SB 241. SB 241 allows consumers to opt-out of installation of advanced meters, or “smart meters,” by electric utilities. SB 241 passed the Committee with a vote of 5-2, and it will soon be eligible for consideration by the full Senate. I appreciate the grassroots effort supporting passage of this bill out of committee and want to thank all of you who spent your personal time working toward that goal. Advancing the bill further will be an uphill battle, but I look forward to continuing to move SB 241 through the legislative process.

State Senator John Carona