TAG’s 5th Anniversary Party!


>> RSVP via Facebook Event Page

Cake, Drinks, Food! Raffles, Auctions, and LIVE Bands!

We will be giving out awards to our People’s Champion and Activist of the Year! Also thanking our awesome volunteers and donors.

The election for the 2013-2014 Steering Committee.

Come out and celebrate a BIG FIVE YEARS of TAG!

This party is our largest fundraising event! Please come out!

If you would like to donate an item for silent auction please contact Katie at 318-617-8292 cell/text ok. or at contact@tagtexas.org


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Texans for Accountable Government (TAG) is a non-partisan Political Action Committee headquartered in Central Texas. TAG was formed with the ambition of reigning in the intrusive and expanding reach of government which threatens to invade every facet of our lives. Our ambition is to put the reins of government back into the hands of individual American citizens; allowing us to once again run our own lives.

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2 Responses to TAG’s 5th Anniversary Party!

  1. What time is the Aug. 31 event at Anderson Mill Tavern. The flyer does’t say what time. And the calendar says Aug. 6, but the flyer says Aug. 31.
    Please clarify. Thanks.

  2. Hi! It’s really nice to pay a visit at your blog. Just wanna congratulate you for the success of this event. Hope you all had fun. Greetings from my finger food catering Melbourne Family :)

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