Texas First in the Nation To Provide Fluoride Free Fountains

MARCH 28, 2012
Contact: Robert Love
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The University of Texas Votes for Special Fountains for African Americans

The University of Texas took action last night to protect women and African Americans on campus with AR-36, a resolution that would create water fountains on campus that remove fluoride from the water. Student Government approved the bill with only two casting dissenting votes.

The chamber was filled with African American students who came to hear debate on a bill in support of Affirmative Action on campus. These students were captivated when Neshell Graham, a black pre-med student, took the podium and described how water fluoridation was putting the black community at risk.

Studies show that those with kidney disease, thyroid disease and diabetes are particularly vulnerable fluoride toxicity. Blacks are twice as likely to have diabetes[1] and three times more likely to have kidney disease than whites.[2] And one out of ten women has problems with her thyroid hormones.[3]

The purpose of the fountains is to provide a fluoride-free option for those who are most likely to be harmed by fluoride, specifically women and African Americans.

SG is taking action to offer clean water for at-risk students because:

-One out of five students could be harmed by drinking the water on campus.

-The National Research Council’s 2006 report “Fluoride in Drinking Water” recommended that those suffering from kidney disease, thyroid disease, and diabetes not consume fluoridated drinking water.

-8.3 percent of Americans have diabetes, and African Americans are twice as likely to suffer from diabetes as whites.[4]

-9.8 percent of Americans have kidney disease, and African Americans are three as likely to suffer from kidney disease as whites.[5]

-One out of ten women has a problem with her thyroid hormones.[6]

-The EPA and CDC lowered the maximum level of fluoride in drinking water by 42 percent in 2011, from 1.2 parts per million to .7 ppm.

This landmark legislation will make the University of Texas the first university in the nation to offer a fluoride free fountains on campus.

For more information, contact Robert Love at (512) 547-8342, or by email at Love1929@gmail.com

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