The enthusiastic and motivated activists of Texans for Accountable Government (TAG) know how to have fun while working together to accomplish significant political reform! We take on the issues that infringe your ability to live freely – and, while we focus our efforts at local and state government levels, our victories are precedent-setting and influential nationally.

Many of the oppressive policies which have been and continue to effect our community transcend political party lines. The corporate bailouts under BOTH Republican and Democratic “leadership” demonstrated this in 2008, the year TAG was founded.

Single Issue Coalitions
With open communication among community members we find plenty of causes which we can work for together. Focusing on these issues puts the people in a better position to fight back! From the Texas Republican Party to the American Civil Liberties Union, TAG brings liberty-minded activists together.

Humanize with office holders and law enforcement. Letting these individuals know that we are real people who care about our community and our rights opens hearts and minds.

Harmonize with individuals and organizations that you may not always agree with. It’s important that when we can come together, we do. For some projects TAG is more likely to work with the “left” while with other it’ll be the “right”.

Localize our efforts by working on city, county, and state level policy. We have seen the United State government trample on our individual rights for decades. Even with more citizen involvement than ever before, they continue to push, in a bi-partisan fashion, away from the Free country established by our Founding Fathers. At the local/state level, we have much more of an impact on public policy.

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