Why do we want Ann Kitchen recalled?

Texans for Accountable Government supports the recall of CM Ann Kitchen because she’s representing lobbyists rather than her constituents in District 5. Look on Page 41 of Ann Kitchen’s October 2014 Campaign Finance Report, you can see a bundled donation from Lone Star Cab of $4,000. It’s a clear cut case of the taxi lobby greasing the palms of lawmakers to insulate themselves from market competition.

Rideshare companies operate in over 100 cities in the US, and in over 300 cities worldwide without fingerprinting, and according to sexual assault complaints here in Austin, a person is 6 times more likely to be assaulted by a cab driver: 913 cab drivers and 3 complaints; 15,000 drivers and 7 complaints with zero criminal charges. Kitchen’s 12-page ordinance has nothing to do with safety, and everything to do with power.

Taxis lost over 1 million rides in the first year after TNCs starting operating in Austin. Instead of innovating and adapting to the desires of the market, they have come to the government to put in place regulations that will drive out TNCs, removing competition.

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