Our Children are NOT Inventory…Please contribute TODAY!

The Northside Independent School District has implemented the “Student Locator Pilot Program” which requires all students at Jay High School and Jones Middle School to wear a GPS tracking device (outfitted with an RFID microchip) while on campus.

This program is not only dehumanizing, but is all about MONEY!

“Through more efficient attendance management, schools can generate additional revenues by identifying students who are not in their seats during roll call but who are in the school and locate them. (Increased attendance = increased state revenues)” -Northside ISD

Our goal is to raise $500 to launch a website dedicated to putting a halt to the draconian program. The site will allow us to educate the pubic about the Student Locator Pilot Program by posting all relevant information (position paper, videos of testimony, coalition partners, calls to action, etc.) and raise money for campaign literature (push cards, door hangers, mailers to students, yard signs, etc.).

What do you say? Will you donate?