Pharaoh Adler, Let My People Go!

In a 9-2 vote in February, Austin City Council banned outside assemblies of seven or more people between the hours of 7 a.m and 10 p.m., effectively outlawing backyard BBQs, birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, bar mitzvahs, Quinceaneras and family reunions at Short Term Rental properties. People that have paid high dollars to rent these private properties will be forced to comply with the ordinance or receive a fine, or worse, have their private events & vacations interrupted by City of Austin code compliance and a visit from Austin Police department.

Austin City Council has official run amok with Short Term Rentals. Council Member Don Zimmerman will be there to discuss all of this at our Our July 25th meeting. Details below.

The ordinance also bans inside gatherings of more than 10 people at any one time, regardless of a rental’s square footage or how many people the property can accommodate. This not only makes large family gatherings an awful affair, but also punishes owners of large properties who can no longer legally rent to capacity.

What is even more outrageous, in order to make sure that citizens are doing what they are told, the City of Austin has given its code officials the ability to conduct warrantless searches, at all reasonable times, of “all buildings, dwelling units, guest rooms and premises” in search of possible code violations. Since some of the restrictions do not go into effect until after 10 p.m. it is possible that officials could show up in the dead of night to search every nook and cranny for a Short Term Rental property looking for any sign of bad behavior, all without a search warrant.

Pharaoh Adler, Let My People Go!

Speakers include Council Member Don Zimmerman and Michael Cargill. Others will be announced shortly.

This is TAG’s July 25th meeting, which is held from 7pm to 9pm. All ages are welcome and get there early if you’re interested in ordering dinner.

Event will be hosted by Michael Cargill of Texans for Accountable Government.

Event is Free

7PM TO 9PM: Scholz Garten 1607 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin, Texas 78701

Scholz Beer Garten (Austin)