TAG Hosted Two Drug War Panels On Saturday

TAG hosted two Drug War panels at the Republican Liberty Caucus State Convention and Huston Tillotson University. Panel included Rev. Alexander Sharp, Dr. Bryon Adinoff, and Texas Judge John Delaney

From Justin Arman, TAG’s Exec Director: “Texans for Accountable Government hosted another great panel on Saturday. I actually learned a lot listening to our speakers and feel confident that the next legislative session will bring some major drug law reform. I was especially impressed by Judge Delaney for speaking out against the criminal justice system itself. Usually, the only advocates for prohibition are law enforcement and those on the government payroll, because their budgets depend on criminalizing nonviolent actions. I loved that this event focussed on ending prohibition for ALL drugs, and not just the easier conversation about decriminalizing weed.”

justin arman




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